About Me ​​​​​​​
My name is Charlotte,
 and I'm a Danish fine art photographer and artist.  
I am inspired by a combination of film, fantasy, music, mother nature, people and what my creative heart tells me.
Primarily I’m a landscape photographer.
-However, I also do Portaits, Events, (such as cosplay, family and concerts)
 -on location and in nature, such as city, forest and the beach.  
-bring Portable Studio.
- High quality photos at low photographic prices

Some history
I am an educated waitress and after 20 years of stress and hard work, it was time for a change of industry.
And go back to mu deep roots, using my  heart and eyes and the creativity I was born with. Share it with you and
Dive into the world of photography and art i was meant to do!
  I have previously painted oil on canvas). WEB SHOP
My New YouTube Channel 
I make youtube healing videos, with nature's own original sounds with a combination of stress-relieving music.  

 -Upcoming on the channel:
 -compositions and other photo techniques.
 -LR & PS Edits on Ipad Pro tutorials YouTube Channel
In the year 2003 I was a participant in the The Reality  show Survivor DK,
The following year I gave birth to my Beautiful- beautiful- smart- completely unique... daughter and became a Mom4Life -I’m also a dog mom.

I’m located in Denmark, West Zealand and am gilded with both nature, forest and the sea, close by.  -I’m a traveller, in my home country and abroad, when ever the opportunity presents itself.

Enjoy traveling with a backpack, living somewhat primitively and getting really close to nature, people, culture and locations.
Though a luxury trip every now and then is also welcomed ;-)) 
However, the camera is always included as a permanent fixture.  
“My best equipment is my heart and eyes” -CTC

Hope you will find my Gallery inspiring and whants to join the  ride on a photographic and  artistic journey.

There’s nothing like standing by the seashore at sunset. -It boosts dreams and gives energy to achieve new life goals. Almost felt on the rocks on my way to thoose goal dreams.
Ved forespørgsel og booking:  Portrætter på lokation, barnedåb, Events mm -Send mig endelig en mail og jeg sender et uforpligtende tilbud asap. -Jeg har forskellige pakker og kan skræddersy til netop dine behov. 
-Ser frem til at høre fra dig. 
Bedste Hilsner Charlotte 😀
Thank you!